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Not Investment Advice

This information is not investment advice. This site is intended to make you think and envision the possibilities both to the potential benefits and pitfalls to all things cryptocurrency. Furthermore, BitBetBuddy does not sell ICO’s directly nor do we give investment advice. We do not own any exchanges, wallets, casinos, or mining pools. Speak to a licensed investment adviser before making any investment decisions.


Bitcoin Risk and ICO Risk of Loss

We will not be responsible for any actions you take to invest or not invest in any ICO, bitcoin or cryptocurrency of any kind. Mining, Trading, Investing, Cloud Pools, and any use of the widgets, charts, information, products, services, or data contained on the site are all used at your own risk.

Bitbetbuddy and its employees do not accept responsibility for any losses of any kind, real, or implied from use of this site. Opinions expressed are not to be taken in place from your own due diligence. If you buy, sell or trade in cryptocurrency you must be prepared to lose ALL of your investments or coins at any time. Do not gamble or invest any monies you cannot afford to lose. Any predictions made by us or anyone else on the internet are not to be taken as reliable as no one knows for sure what the future holds.

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Affiliate disclaimer:

All purchases of any products through links or advertisements may pay an affiliate or pay per click commission and we will not be responsible for any loss of income, or costs associated with any products or services purchased through the site. All disputes must be handled by the entity from which you purchased the product, service, or investment. This is a high risk high reward new era of investing and there are many things we still do not know about how cryptocurrency will pan out. Do not purchase anything you are unsure about.


Volatility Risks

Governments, and advertisers change their views constantly on cryptocurrency thus making them very volatile to own and invest in. Values can fluctuate wildly. These are to be deemed as Highly Speculative Investments at this time until they become mainstream in society.


ICO Risks

Read all white papers completely before investing in an ICO, and remember that most statements are what is known as forward looking statements and not to be taken as facts that the ICO team will ever be able to deliver fully and implement their ideas to completion:

Cryptocurrency and ICO’s involve risk of fraud, theft, and potential loss of all your money and virtual currency. Wallets are not fully secure online. Be sure to take safeguards to protect your assets. Cold storage use of hardware wallets is recommended but again at your own risk for the use of these as well.

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Security Risks

This list is not to be accepted as all inclusive of the potential dangers and pitfalls of bitcoin and crypto currency as there may be others still not mentioned that we also do not accept any liability for in any way, such as future unseen circumstances.

Be aware that some exchanges and websites have been hacked in the past and could be again. Hacking and phishing attempts are common, use all 2 factor and other maximum security measures as recommended by any wallets, pools, or exchanges you do business with. For all we know, all coins could rise in value, become worthless, or become illegal at any time.


If you do not accept full responsibility for your actions, then do not use this site.