Lawful Bitcoin Casino Gambling is Your Responsibility

Gambling Online, Including but not Limited to – Sports Betting, Casino Games, Online Poker, Bingo Games, Lotteries and other games of chance including Bitcoin casino games and slots, may or may not be fully legal according to the law in your country, state or province. Gambling laws vary often from country to country and state to state, province to province.

Please contact a lawyer in your state or province prior to gambling online for up to date legal information in this area. will not be held responsible for the accuracy or inaccuracies or lack there of regarding any of the laws in any country in any way shape or form or any information provided on any of our pages regarding bitcoin articles. They are for information/entertainment purposes only.

The laws of gambling are constantly changing and can be straight forward or complex and come and go from month to month, week to week or even day to day. Some countries have grey areas, ie the USA, where online poker is only allowed legally in certain states like New Jersey, Nevada, and Delaware, and Canada where only provincially run casinos are deemed truly legal. Other countries like the UK are white listed countries free to gamble online at will with no black or grey areas involved.

It is selective on a per state basis in the USA. Just like countries, individual states all have access to our site on the net so each and every person world wide must make the decision to gamble, download gambling software and bet and play games where it is lawful to do so.

It is your end responsibility to make sure that such activities are lawful in your area before your proceed with any games of chance offered through any affiliate programs on any Online gambling sites. We suggest that only UK residents at this time engage in online gambling as the laws there are more clear allowing it. Laws in Canada, the US etc are ambiguous.

It is your responsibility to check for the legality of the online gaming of your choice. Many companies do provide poker and other games in the USA for example, such as offshore gambling sites. To find out if a gambling company accepts you, simply click the join up link provided on the casino sites page. However just because you are accepted does not mean the site is legal. First check to see if your state is legal, then find a state operated and licensed operator to play at.

The casino gambling companies use geo tracking through your ip address and know which country you are from and will allow you to register, or tell you that gaming is strictly not allowed in your area by not allowing you to join up. Some companies may allow you to join others may not. Thats why you should be informed of laws in your country or state of residence. If unsure, do not play for real money. In fact you should only play for free. Offshore gambling sites are accepting Canadian and American players illegally.


Gambling laws change, some casinos come and go

You may also have your account closed at any time and funds returned to you by the big online gaming companies such as 888 Group if the law suddenly turns unfavorable or even if it becomes a grey area as the larger safer sites that are publicly traded on the open markets do not want any trouble with the law. Point in case as Of Feb 2017 888 pulled out of Australia due to changes in gaming laws there. AU casino players then had to seek out other offshore gaming providers to serve them.


Bitbetbuddy Does Not Recommend Real Money Gambling

Play for free 


Best of all Do Not Play at All


If  You Decide To Play For Real Money Or Bitcoin

All Losses are Your Responsibility

No ones going to save you if you lose, not the government or any regulators.

Be aware that you should only play with money you can afford to lose. People lose money in casinos. Odds are always preset to the casinos favor in the long run. The same is said for bricks and mortar casinos world wide. They are not in the business of giving it all away. They are designed to make a profit. Check with the casino for odds and payback information. If you do not receive any, then that is yet another risk.

Bitbetbuddy Is Not A Casino Site

Bitbetbuddy does not own bitcoin casinos, or take deposits, or handle withdrawals. We are not a bitcoin casino gambling site. We do however offer blog posts from time  to time on bitcoin casino related information from time to time from 3rd party casino operators for our readers that accept the risks of loss that comes with online bitcoin games. All complaints, questions, concerns, must be handled by the bitcoin casino you choose to play at. Choose large well known bitcoin Casinos if you do decide to play with real bitcoins or fiat currency.

We will not be held liable for any consequences incurred from Online Bitcoin Casino Gambling. You are encouraged to not play at all. If you do find the need to play, play at sites for free only.

Bitbetbuddy feels that investments in Bitcoin and Crypto are gambling enough as it is. Even buying and holding Bitcoin, and other crypto currencies is highly speculative and you can also lose all of your investments in the future in any of these coins.

Investing in Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin is a bet. Your betting someone will buy it from you latter at a higher price. You may also find yourself having to sell at a lower price if the market for bitcoin and alt coins goes south at a time you need to access funds.

Exchanges and wallets have also been hacked and bitcoin has come under attack and many investors have lost bitcoin this way which will never be recovered. Keep that in mind and make sure you protect any investments you make in Crypto with only the best wallets and cold storage options you can find.

This page is not to be considered legal advice. Please contact a lawyer in your state or province to find out more.