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Top Non-tech Blockchain Companies using Blockchain Technology

One major breakthrough was the creation of the internet, and long after its introduction, the internet is constantly evolving, getting better, and making life easier. The internet was created and it changed a lot of things, and is still continuing to change everything and the way we live and do business.

The advent of the internet paved the way for many technological innovations, all in an effort to make life easier. One of such technological innovations is the Blockchain technology. While it was only tied to digital currency at first, developers dug deeper into the Blockchain technology and discovered there was more to the Blockchain than just digital currencies.

Now they have begun to develop blockchain-based applications that will be applicable to real-life situations and to enhance everyday living for both individuals and companies alike.

Companies from different industries have began getting interested in the blockchain technology, and are beginning to adopt the technology into their operations. The application of the blockchain is wide, as it permeates different industries, and has different uses.

The blockchain technology comes packed with amazing features including transparency, cryptography, time-stamping, flexibility, fungibility, scalability, security, irreversibility, decentralization, ease of access to verified users, near-zero fees for transactions, etc. All these features and more is why companies are doing all they can to integrate the blockchain technology into their operations.

There is the common misconception about blockchain technology being only for tech-related companies, the technology is not used only by tech-related companies, but is applied to every industry as earlier mentioned. To further correct that misconception, here is a list of Non-tech blockchain-based companies:


Top Blockchain Company Listing


This is a decentralized blockchain-based system where the consumers can check and also verify the quality and composition of food before making orders, the decentralized nature of the platform eliminates every form of 3rd party, and this is achieved via direct connection of the buyer with the seller.

Users will be able to transact on the platform while tracking supplement and food products to guarantee the highest level of trust, transparency, quality, full trace-ability, reliability, efficiency, and security, at minimal costs.



This is a blockchain company based platform for art lovers and art, music and media providers. The platform has prospects to be the biggest online marketplace for music, arts and media.

Pindify users will be able to create portfolios/stores where content can be provided and revenues earned. The platform will enable artists and content providers to reach out to their fans, sell their content, and also earn from their creations and contributions from their fans.

This way, it is easier for them to earn more than they would if they did the same on other popular social platforms. Pindify is a marketplace made for creatives as a function of their networks including media outlets, bloggers, journalists, social media influencers, labels, managers, publishers, fans, and supporters.



This is an Ethereum blockchain-based distributed ledger that is used for storing patient’s data. With MediChain, patients can save their own medical data in a secure off chain way using Smart Contracts. Specialists and doctors will have global access to the data (it does not matter what type of network or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) is used), provided there is an agreement between them and the patients.

Ascribe: Ascribe is for any creative designer that intends to have their creative works protected and managed. The platform allows for the sharing of works with the knowledge that there is security around your authorship claim, and it enables the buyers collect and also own your creative works.

Ascribe brings so much ease to selling digital property even easier than it is with selling physical property, it allows for the transfer of intellectual property (IP) to someone globally, simply by email. The company intends to democratize IP by making it easily and readily accessible to the individual.



This is one of the most advanced document timestamping apps that have ever been created in recent years. Unlike others, BitProof offers more effective services, including the service that takes care of intellectual property protection.

Furthermore, there is a partnership between BitProof and San Francisco’s Holberton School to have their students’ academic certificates put on the blockchain, a revolutionary move to change how diplomas and student certificates are used.



Everledger is a blockchain based ledger used to track individual diamonds, as it moves from the mine to the dealer or consumer.

This solves a lot of problems in the insurance industry and saves insurers a lot of money every year, as a result of insurance fraud and conflict diamond detection. It also serves as a permanent ledger for diamond certification and other related transaction history.

It also helps with processing verifications for claimants, owners, insurance companies, and law enforcement.



Provenance aims to make sure records of everything that occurs within the global retail supply chain are stored on the blockchain, and in turn, consumers can search the data in real time.

For example, a consumer can scan a QR code on a can of sausages in a supermarket and know exactly where the sausage was processed, the certification, where it was canned, etc., with each step getting timestamped. There are moves by the company to pioneer a new method to verify authenticity of information.



Augur is a prediction platform that aims at completely improving on the functionalities of prediction markets. On the platform, users can make predictions for just about anything, furthermore, other users are allowed to buy or sell shares within the prediction, and it will be based on whether the prediction results will be either positive or negative.

Any shares traded in any of the events will be equivalent to $1, so, if a user purchases shares with the odds even, then it will be 50 cents, however, if the user gets the prediction right, then the user will get a dollar for every share bought. If however the user predicts wrongly, then the money is lost. However, there are no regulations for users to hold on to shares while waiting for the events to take place, because the Augur platform has no restrictions, until the event has been actualized.



ChromaWay was founded about 4 years ago and is an early pioneer of the blockchain technology. ChromaWay provides a platform for users to use smart contracts for the issuing and transferring of assets via a blockchain.

ChromaWay is in partnership with the Swedish Land Registry, financial companies, and other institutions and agencies to provide smart contract solutions for users in the real estate industry.

This blockchain company implemented Postchain, a platform that functions as a consortium database. ChromaWay is also making moves to come up with more innovations and partnerships with governments and companies.


Blockchain at Berkeley:

Blockchain at Berkeley is the first of its kind, it is a university-based community for blockchain technology.

The organization takes special care in educating the ecosystem, facilitating, discussing, and coming up with innovative projects, while helping companies understand how they can benefit from the blockchain technology by pointing out various use cases, integrating solutions, and building out various prototypes, and integrating solutions.



This is a blockchain based advertising and marketing platform that has great features to take care of problems experienced with traditional methods of advertising and marketing.

Adblurb aims to solve these marketing problems by creating a fully decentralized environment, by adapting the blockchain technology for use in the advertising industry; everyone has access to the platform with transactions attracting minimal fees.

It is a system that has full transparency and security, 100% control over the design of your own marketing campaign, rewards, unhindered access to affiliates and publishers, there are no 3rd parties, real traffic, detailed campaign records, availability of real-time analytics, among other great features.



BlitzPredict is a predictions platform blockchain company that ensures the user gets the best prices, while ensuring they are paid immediately.

A BlitzPredict Aggregator is being created to assist users to always get prices from the marketplace at anytime (24/7), a liquidity reserve is also being created to assists its users get their pay immediately after an event has ended.

BlitzPredict uses Smart Contracts, which will unlock flexible, and significant betting options that will assists its users facilitate wagers, when certain criteria has been met. BlitzPay Liquidity Reserve, assures BlitzPredict users that they will get paid for correct, quick and secure predictions.



This blockchain company has a platform created to tackle the problems readers and authors keep experiencing. Gilgalmesh has created a platform where there is a great deal of interaction between readers, where these readers can increase their knowledge base and also interact with their favorite authors. Gilgamesh is an open market for users to actively participate in finding, buying, talking about, and reviewing books.

By so doing, the book industry experiences dynamism and is kept alive, while the readers contribute to having a direct influence on publishing companies. The platform will be beneficial to authors, as they can publish their books via service providers, and they will also receive financial benefits as a result of the sales of the books on the platform.



This blockchain embedded platform is the first blockchain based marketing implementation system that provides a platform for businesses to encourage their customers by rewarding them for their support, insight, and attention.

It is a revolutionary new force in the marketing world, and companies have begun to see why it is necessary to develop healthy customer relationships. Businesses can reward their customers for their support with respect to reviews and purchases. The system also gives the business insights into customer behavior about products/services, needs, and trends, which these will then lead to further growth of the business for Momentum.



Tron is an open-source system, and is a platform created to ensure content creators get rewarded when their content is shared. Tron’s technology allows users to gain access to global entertainment-related content.

Tron Protocol users are allowed to own, store and publish their data, and how the data is distributed is by their choice. Contributions from users on the platform also make the users eligible for rewards.

Furthermore, for the promotion of fairness on the system, contributions will get equal value and time. Tron is a people oriented system and not money-oriented, hence they are maintaining the major goal which is providing entertainment related services, via content viewing. It is created in such a way that every participant/contributor gets benefits.



There will be a connection between the decentralized blockchain and every member of a supply chain, which in turn will allow for the direct documents exchange between them, thereby solving one of the shipping industry’s biggest problems.

WAVE’s application takes care of the ownership of documents on the blockchain and prevents forgeries, disputes, and avoidable risks.



Don’t let the coin in the name confuse you, Genecoin is not a digital currency, rather it is a revolutionary blockchain service company that does a backup of your DNA by storing a copy of your genetic material on the blockchain.

This should not be confused with cloning and the likes as seen in sci-fi, there are other valid medical reasons for keeping your DNA profile within easy reach. Genecoin will help you sequence your DNA, and then it will get uploaded into the Bitcoin network, and by so doing, your genetic material is spread across thousands of computers all over the world.


Blockchain Companies Using The New Technology

Blockchain Technology: The New High Tech for Companies

Blockchain Companies Wrap Up:

From the list above, it is obvious that the blockchain technology is not only used by tech industries, but also by non-tech industries. There are so many other companies that have used the blockchain technology to create revolutionary innovations, and more blockchain-based startups are springing up all the time.

The blockchain technology is one trend that is growing fast, and you either keep up or get left behind. Are you the next in great Blockchain Companies to be going online using this technology? Drop us an email or contact us at the top of the page and let us know if you would like us to add you to our list of blockchain companies today.

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