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Bitcoin Mining Software: BTC Miners

Bitcoin has proven to be the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. These Bitcoins or BTC’s can be owned by everyone with the help of some bitcoin mining software to go alongside your mining rig hardware.

Bitcoins and most other cryptocurrency tokens are earned as rewards created by computers for mining effort. How is this done? It is simple! By allowing the cryptocurrency system to use your computer to solve complex equations that can lead to the creation of tokens.

If you seek to mine BTC tokens and that of other cryptocurrencies it is important that you choose the best software. In this article, we will discuss the best Bitcoin mining software and other cryptocurrency mining software in brief. Also it goes without saying but You Need to Have a Good Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Safe Wallet Strategy and You need to secure your bitcoin and cryptocurrency you mine using the best hardware and cold storage solutions to protect your investment. We show you how to set up your hardware wallet and get the best anonymous bitcoin wallet here.


Best Bitcoin Mining Software Review

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1. Bitcoin Miner Software

This is one of the most popular and effective Bitcoin mining software choices. This software enables your computer to earn you virtual money which you can convert to any currency of your choice.

Why this software is considered one of the best is because; it has a user-friendly interface, it is intuitive and it supports several features that allow users to track their mining process such as the profitability report of their mines. It also has some other features like; mining pool, direct 10 and 11 mining GP unit, fast share submission and other remarkable features.

This software takes care of your computer by giving it the opportunity to choose between the night and day mode. It also supports “power saving mode” which means that you can turn off your processing unit to better control strain. This software runs on open windows and in order to save power, if your computer screen gets locked, mining is paused.

It is advised to install a cooling system when mining to ensure that your computer mining rig hardware does not heat up to dangerous levels.

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2. MultiMiner Application

This is a desktop application that can be used to mine and monitor Bitcoin. This software is considered one of the best because it allows users to switch between different cryptocurrencies, meaning that it does not only support the mining of BTC tokens but that of other cryptocurrencies.

This software has an excellent user-interface. It displays a list of all the various mining hardware and makes a comprehensive list of all tokens that can be mined. It can be used by both new and experienced users alike. Also, it is an open source project which means that users can develop tools that fix bugs and more.

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Best Mining Software for other Cryptocurrencies


1. Minergate

Minergate is a smart mining pool that allows users to mine the most profitable currency at that particular time. With the assistance of a smart mining option, users are allowed to choose their preferred cryptocurrency.
This software offers its users 75% bonus when they refer another user to the software. Minergate allows for the mining of two or more cryptocurrencies at a time without the loss of hashrate for the main coin. This software has its own technology that facilitates the mining of Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies.

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2. CGMiner

This is compatible with all cryptocurrencies. This software functions through a simple instruction line interface and supports multiple mining pools and devices. This software was specifically designed to be used with hard mining devices.

When setting up CGminer software, each user will be asked to enter the URL, password, and username of their mining pool. This is to enable the software to automatically detect any hardware previously connected to. One feature that makes this mining software one of the best is its interface, it is appealing to look at and easy for each user old or new to navigate through.

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3. Easy Miner

Easy Miner automatically offers users a mode called “Money Maker”. This allows them to create a paper Litecoin and start mining immediately with a private pool. Easy Miner application dashboard has an excellent interface that allows the user to configure mining pools, view their wallet and also amend network settings.

Easy Miner comes with a console which allows users to track the progress of other mining software like CGminer and CPUMiner. This software is likened to a graphical front-end for CGMiner and CPUMiner.

It also allows users to enable the ASIC hardware features like Antminer and this can be done by simply clicking “Start Mining”.

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Merged Mining For CryptoNight ASIC Miners

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