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Bitcoin Gambling Sites: #1 Best BITCOIN CASINO LIST

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Bitcoin Gambling Sites

List of Bitcoin Gambling Sites in Canada, US EU UK  and AU is What Bitcoin Casino Gambling is All About. We have the Best Bitcoin Casino List for The Top Online Gambling Sites


Bitcoin Gambling Sites List USA and Worldwide 

best bitcoin gambling

USA & Canada Poker and Casino Gambling Bitcoin Casino List of Sites

  1. Betonline Bitcoin Casino/Poker/Sports USA CA and Worldwide
  2. Bovada Bitcoin Casino/Poker/Sports USA
  3. Bitcoin Casino CAN/EU
  4. Ignition Bitcoin Casino/Poker/Slots USA/AU Only
  5. Cafe   Bitcoin Casino Games USA Only
  6. Slotslv  CANADA & USA Exclusive Bitcoin Casino
  7. BitStarz Worldwide Award Winning Bitcoin Casino Slots Tables



Bitcoin AU CA EU RU UK US  Worldwide Poker Casino and Sports Gambling

  1. Betonline Bitcoin Casino/Poker/Sports AU CA EU RU UK US  Worldwide


Best AU Australia Bitcoin Casino Gambling CA Canada and Worldwide Sites

  1. Freaky Aces Bitcoin Casino Site AU CA and Worldwide US Restricted
  2. Propawin Bitcoin Casino Australia Canada and Worldwide
  3. Joe Fortune Bitcoin Casino Site Australia Exclusive
  4. Ignition Bitcoin Poker and Casino for the AU/US Only




Bitcoin Gambling Sites Worldwide AU CA US EU UK

Chances to Win Lots of Bitcoins at Bitcoin Casino Sites Playing Casino Games With Bitcoin Deposits


Top Gambling Sites Online for Bitcoin Depositing & Withdrawals

Not only are these the top Gambling sites to play we would like to mention the ease of depositing and fast withdrawals that also put them in as the best online for bitcoin casino play. We have never had any problems with deposits or withdrawing from these poker and casino/sports betting sites which is another plus…. Not only do they offer Online Poker, but also Online Casino, and Online Sports Betting. That’s what makes these the best online gambling sites. All kinds of games, fun, and safety of deposits and withdrawals including many that have Bitcoin Cryptocurrency deposits.

If you ever did have a problem you can contact the sites help centers directly. If for some strange unforeseen reason their is a problem that ever occurs and cannot be rectified by the host gaming provider be sure and contact us if it wasn’t resolved so that we can make note of it and take any action possible on our end to help you and our other readers be aware of the issue. Our email is [email protected] This goes for any sites reviewed by us here. If we recommend a site and they do not play ball fairly then we will let them know.

Gambling all kinds of products under one roof in the very best and biggest online casino, betting, and poker sites in the business with easy deposits and withdrawals  just the way we like it we no problems.


Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites Slots Casino List

The Online Gambling Site Join Up Landing Page

Sign Up and Joining Information

It does not matter which section of the Online Gambling Site you Join from when you go to sign up, as you will have access to all their gaming features. However if your main focus is Poker, Casino, or Betting you may just choose to go directly to that Join Now page from the Sites Offered Above.

Why do I say this you ask? Because we want to see you get the bonus you are most interested in. If your going to play poker more than anything then grab the cash or bitcoin casino poker bonus. Same with casino table and slot games. If those are your favorites grab the huge casino bonuses that are available.

However, Do not panic when you go to sign up if for example you may be on the poker page, when you wanted a casino game, or perhaps you want sports betting but you arrive at the casino main landing page. It does not matter which page you join up from. Just choose the right bonus you want is the most important thing. Once signed up and logged in you can access any part of the best gambling site you chose. Poker, Betting, Casino Games, Slots, etc.

Once joined you will get a bonus in that feature, ie sport, casino, poker, but have access to all the Gambling areas of the site. If you are most interested in Poker,  join through the poker offer and get the poker bonus. Casino more your thing? Well the bonus is huge in this area so you may want to join through the casino section. Same with Sports Betting, if that’s what you intend to do the most then join through the sports betting page. Check to see where the bitcoin deposit option is. It should be right on the sign up page when you go to deposit.

I hope this helps get you the best at what your looking for in your favorite online gambling area of interest. Good Luck and See you at the Tables.



Watch out for Small Bitcoin Casino Sites

Be wary of marketers that push you to names of smaller fly by night vendors they want to promote yet these are not always the biggest and the best or most trustworthy of sites. What we mean are the little boiler room casinos that pop up from time to time. There are however lots of other good reputable poker, casino and betting sites that although not on our top 3 listing are still good quality fun sites.

Eventually we will review them all for you, but for now stick with the biggest and the best with the softest games. There are several good poker rooms that are safe, fun, and good to play at, only they may not have the numbers of people to add up to big tournament dollar prizes and long waiting times for sit n goes.

Playing the larger number 3 sites gives you more players to play against, bigger pots, bigger tournament winnings, bigger slot progressives….. you get the idea. Some poker rooms are specific to individual countries as well. We will get to them all, for now play the biggest worldwide sites, and we will look at the medium sized and country specific sites in just a little while so make sure and book mark us and follow our feed.


best online casinos accepting bitcoin


Fun, Recreational, and Serious Business

There are lots of ways to gamble online. Gambling Online is a Popular Recreational Hobby for many people and Full time Occupation for others as well. Online Bitcoin Gambling Sites can be fun and profitable for you too if you play your cards right and pick the winners more often than the losers.

Favorites in the world of bitcoin gambling sites are poker, sports betting and casino slots machines. People love to play online casino slot machines and casino slots at their local casino as much as they love to bet online with football and soccer games. Horse betting is also a big time favorite among gamblers around the world both online and at the local track.

There’s no better feeling than when your football betting ticket pays off with a big winner or your winning team makes you money on your soccer bet and see your account swell with online bitcoin gambling cash. Poker online is the king of gambling, many people are winning fortunes in online poker tournaments worldwide. People are also gambling heavily on crypto currencies now a days and buying and selling bitcoins online. Including using them as deposit and withdrawal methods to play at their favorite bitcoin poker or casino site online.


Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency Gambling Sites OnlineOnline Gambling Sites History

A Mainstream Recreational Activity With Fun and Relaxing Opportunities to Play Online

Online gambling is seen as one of the lucrative business and most profitable industry on the internet. Birth in the mid-1990s, online gambling has grown into having over thousands of websites on the internet, and pulling billions of dollars annually.

Millions of people all over the world have been gambling on online poker, sports, lottery, and bingo at the several bitcoin gambling sites that are available on the internet. Due to the flexibility and benefits that online gambling sites offer more so than traditional live gambling sites, even people who have never gone to a land based casino or a local bookie in their life are finding themselves visiting online casinos and poker sites on a regular basis.


Crypto Currency: The Rise of The Top Bitcoin Casino Gambling Sites

Online Gambling has progressed so much that the ways to deposit and withdraw not only include fiat currency but cryptocurrency options to deposit and withdraw as well. Bitcoin casino sites are now popping up all over the internet. Some are bitcoin only exclusive casinos, and others accept bitcoin as an additional depositing method. People are cryptocurrency mining and gambling online with them at bitcoin casinos and holding them and trading them online.


How do the Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites work?

For an online gambler, there are two options. While one is to download the casino software onto the computer, the other is having a real time applet running on the internet. The gambler can choose to play a free game or for money.

When a player chooses to play for money, he has to deposit money using his credit card or any other means of transfer. On gambling to win, if a player luckily wins and decides to withdraw his earnings, he goes to the website’s bank to request for cash-out.

The player then receives his cash-out through wire transfer or any other means he prefers. Such as Bitcoin. Bitcoin Gambling Sites now accept bitcoin for depositing and some also for bitcoin withdrawal. How it works is you sign up at the eligible bitcoin casino and instead of depositing with regular payment methods you deposit from your bitcoin wallet instead.

Forms of online gambling
The internet has given rise to several and various forms of gambling online and the pursuit by some for free bitcoin.

They include;

Slots and Video Poker Machines Including Keno Games

Casino Table Games like Blackjack, Roulette, Craps and many others, most of which you can now even play in Live Online Casinos with Live Dealers.

Sports betting: this is the prediction of the outcome of a sporting match while placing a bet on it.
Bingo: it is simply the game of bingo played over the internet.

Others include lotteries, Horse racing betting, Mobile gambling, In-play gambling, etc.
There are several benefits online gambling offers than its traditional gambling, however top on the list is convenience.

Online gambling offers convenience, which allows players to play their choice game at the convenience of their home while listening to music and taking a chilled drink. Nothing beats that.


Roulette is a Bitcoin Gambling Sites Favorite

Roulette is a Bitcoin Gambling Site Favorite

Best Bitcoin Roulette Gambling

A Favorite at Bitcoin Casinos Sites Online

The History of Roulette

Everyone has heard of roulette, a common casino-style betting game which translates from French as “little wheel.” This game is very basic; a round of roulette essentially entails choosing a number between zero and thirty-six. The person in charge of spinning the wheel and keeping track of the different bets, referred to as the croupier, then spins the wheel, at which point no more bets are to be placed.

Finally, the player who chose the winning number takes his or her winnings. This is the most basic and commonly accepted version of the game, which was invented by a French mathematician named Blaise Pascal during the mid-17th century. This inventor created the game unintentionally; he had the idea while working on creating a perpetual motion machine. While he never succeeded (in fact, no one ever did) in creating what he had originally intended, he did pioneer a new game that would be enjoyed by contenders around the globe for generations to come.

There are many other theories about the origins of roulette. Some say that it was invented by French monks (long before the widely accepted year of 1655) in an effort to bring some whimsy into their lives and break the monotony of their humble existence. Similar theories say that the game was invented by Tibetan monks, or that it was played by Roman soldiers while at war to bring up the morale of their comrades. No matter which of these is correct, one thing is for certain: the game was intended to be fun, and as many casino-goers would agree, this exciting game of luck certainly is enjoyable to play.

The earliest recorded evidence of the modern form of roulette that is played across the world dates back to the early 18th century in “New France,” or modern-day Canada. The evidence lies in a 1758 regulation which prohibited organized gambling, specifying that dice games, hoca, faro, and roulette are off-limits. However, a very similar form of the game, titled “Roly Poly,” is recorded some time earlier in a 1730 memoir written by the Countess of Suffolk.

Another specific mention of roulette/roly poly is dated from 1824 in a paper displaying the adverse effects of gambling games; how they could turn simple comradery into an evil and sometimes violent practice. After all, when gambling for money, the chance of someone losing his or her temper always exists.

Games of chance have been around for thousands and thousands of years. The ancient Egyptians played Senet (fun fact: good luck with this game was widely interpreted as blessing from the gods), ancient Chinese citizens played less adapt versions of card and tile games, and dice have been used for at least 5,000 years in various forms (the oldest recorded dice games were played with the knuckle bones of sheep).

Most people would agree that modern societies have become reliant on electronics for entertainment, but long before the technological revolution, people had to make their own fun. With that in mind, it is no surprise that even the earliest humans played primitive variations of games that we still enjoy today.

With modern day roulette gambling, online gambling is the norm and with the addition of the cryptocurrency bitcoin mining boom, there are now online casino and poker games accepting bitcoin. We have come along way in the history of gambling and today roulette is still a favorite game now offered at bitcoin casinos online.


Is Bitcoin Poker Gambling? 

The Million Dollar Question everyone argues about.

This question seems to be the most mowed about and chewed on question ever asked. It has been argued over, written severally about, and debated over time. There are two schools of thoughts on it: while one school of thought is of the view that poker is gambling, another school opposes this by attributing it to a game of skills.


First school of thought: Poker is gambling

This school of thought is mostly held by non-poker players. Holders of this view boast their claim on the legal standpoint which sees poker as a game of chance for money or other stakes. A lexicon definition of gambling shows it as a setting where something of value is put at risk for the possibility of ultimate gain. However, going by this definition, it therefore means everything else we do, the plans we take, and even the investments we make could be regarded as gambling. Even when gambling with bitcoin, poker is still gambling.

From buying stocks, real estate investment, getting married, commodities trading, going to college, planting a tree, to opening a small business, everything is gambling. From the legal standpoint, gambling is any game or enterprise where chance predominates skill. Going by this, lotteries, roulette wheels and the likes which the law seems to give a place can be considered as gambling since its outcome is mostly luck oriented.


Second school of thought: Poker is a game of skills

This view is mostly held by professional poker players who believe the game to be purely skill based rather than gambling. Since this is a profession, then success in poker depends on your ability, knowledge and experience gathered over time. The option of reducing the risk rate involved – element of gambling is by learning your craft and be good at it.

When playing, elements of luck is always involved in the card one is given, since they are dealt at random, however knowing your opponents, bluffing and reading people confirms it as a profession rather than gambling. And like any skill, the better you are the more the likelihood of succeeding in the arts of it.

Yes Poker is Gambling because like every other thing or activity in life, applying of risk to get an ultimate result is certain.

No Poker is not Gambling because like every profession it involves been skillful in the arts to be successful. And if one does his homework or study well, he will reap the rewards.

Conclusion: So Is Poker Gambling or a game of skills is up to you.  YES it is and NO it isn’t.

There you go continue arguing.  lol…..



What is Bitcoin Gambling All About?

How much do we Gamble?

Gambling is when you put items of value at risk on games of chance or luck as you may have it. When You risk losing your money or belongings on taking chances solely up to fate, hope, luck, and feelings then your gambling.

It doesn’t matter if its dollars or peanuts you brought for lunch if you lose them to a game of chance you just gambled away your next meal.

      • lottery tickets
      • casino and online poker
      • casino and online casino games
      • sports and prop betting
      • day trading stocks
      • bowling and golfing for cash instead of for fun

The funny thing is that people argue poker is a game of skill and that trading may take skill and knowledge, and if your a better golfer than your buddy then that’s not gambling because you know you will beat him.

But there is no guarantee at all that you are certain to win. You just try to have an edge, or get an advantage over someone else. Perhaps that’s why gambling is no longer taboo, and treated like a black sheep held in the closet anymore.

Your gambling with everything you do in life it seems. You gamble with your life on boats, trains, planes and automobiles when you travel. You gamble when you pitch your resume and skills a certain way in an interview and give the wrong answer but gambling it was they wanted to hear. For every winner in the stock market there is a loser on the other side of the trade, there is no stalemate, and you gain or lose on a trade with someone else.

So I guess we have been gambling all along its just that now its more mainstream and accepted as a recreational activity.


Favorite Games Offered at the Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites 

      • Texas Holdem Poker, Omaha and other Card Games
      • Blackjack
      • Roulette
      • Slots
      • Video Poker
      • Sports Betting
      • Bingo Games
      • With Lotteries Also becoming popular online


List of Ways to Gamble at the Best Bitcoin Gambling Sites:

      • Online Poker
      • Online Casino
      • Online Bingo
      • Online Slots
      • Sports Betting
      • Live Betting
      • Stock Markets
      • Options
      • Binary Options
      • Mutual Funds
      • Futures Markets
      • Financials Betting
      • Bitcoin and other Crypto Currencies


Other Popular forms of the Best Bitcoin Gambling 

Online Financials Betting

Investing in what others sometimes call the Markets those being the stock, bond, options, futures, and commodities trading markets.

People day trade, invest, long term for many years right down to single minutes or less in high flying day trading platforms online.

Investing is also a Gamble. Hell Our WHOLE Lives are a Gamble. You stand to lose or win money based on someone else betting against you in that particular market. Just like the house casino bets against you with odds from only a tiny bit higher than even right up to high odds against you in games like blackjack having better odds than roulette.

Mutual funds would be lower risk of losing money like playing blackjack or low stakes poker or the penny machines, where options and futures are like hitting the 100 dollar slots and roulette wheel. Higher risk of losing a lot if not all your money but bigger potential rewards.

Disclaimer: Online gambling is illegal in many states and provinces. Check with legal council to see if bitcoin gambling is legal in your area. This article is for entertainment purposes only and not an endorsement for any bitcoin casino site, or to gamble at all. We have not been compensated in any way for this article.

Addiction Help:

Gambling Addiction and Problem Gambling Are you addicted to Bitcoin and Crypto Currency?


Bitcoin Gambling Site

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