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Using the Top Crypto Exchanges is the Best Way to Buy Bitcoin. Learn how to buy cryptocurrency here at BitBetBuddy for free. Some of the safest, largest, and easiest to use cryptocurrency exchanges in the world today for buying altcoins and bitcoin include:

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New Best way to buy bitcoin

What is it?

Binance is a new cryptocurrency exchange with the main focus on digital token to digital token trading platform that was launched in July 2017. The popularity of this exchange grew because of its ICO and also its low trading and transaction fee. It is one of the best ways to buy bitcoin for sure.

The Binance crypto exchange platform provides two options for its users. The advanced and the basic. The main difference between these two options is the fact that the advanced option allows users to carry out technical analysis.

The cryptocurrency exchange supports about forty-eight (48) digital tokens or coins. Binance does not support the purchase of digital tokens with fiat currencies. It is a purely digital token platform.

Binance sets a limit for all deposits that can be made on the exchange. It is wonderful to know that, the Binance exchange do not charge for all deposits made.


Features of Binance Exchange Include

1. Multiple language support; this exchange has cemented its place as the leading cryptocurrency exchange for buying and selling bitcoin. The Binance platform offers users of the exchange about seven languages. The developers of the exchange have officially announced that more languages will be added to the platform. Apart from its multiple languages, the Binance exchange is available for use in over 186 countries.

2. Low trading and transaction fees: another important feature of the Binance exchange is its low trading and transaction fee. The Binance exchange charges as little as 0.1% of all transactions that are carried out on the platform. Also, all deposits that are made on the Binance exchange come with no added fee.

3. Various digital assets or tokens: asides the fact that Binance supports various languages, it also supports multiple coins. It is one of the very few crypto exchanges that supports over 40 different tokens. Some of the digital tokens include; Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Walton Chain, IOTA, Bitcoin Cash and a host of others for Best Buying/Selling options for your Bitcoins AND Altcoins.

4. Fast transaction execution: in less than two seconds, over one million transactions can be processed by the Binance exchange. This great feature makes the exchange one of the fastest in the world. Also, the Binance exchange is also developed in a way that over twenty (20) million users can be logged in simultaneously.


How to Buy Cryptocurrency at Binance:

To get started, creating an account on the Binance exchange website is easy. All you have to do is log on to the website, click on “Register”. You are required to fill in an active email address and any password of your choice. After that, a confirmation mail will be sent to the email address you gave. Once your account is confirmed, you can make deposits and begin trading immediately.

The Binance website has a user-friendly interface, meaning that people can easily understand and use it. The growing population of Binance users has made the coin exchange put a daily user restriction in place.

Pros and Cons of Binance Exchange

• Supports multiple digital currencies
• Supports multiple languages
• It is one of the fastest crypto exchanges
• It offers low trading and transaction fees.

One of the Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin But here’s the downside

• It is a new crypto exchange
• Most users have complained of withdrawal delays.

Check Out Binance Now


Another one of the Best Ways to Buy Bitcoin

What is it?

Best Exchange in the USA for Americans

Gemini is a cryptocurrency exchange platform that was designed by Taylor and Cameron Winklevoss in 2015. Gemini is a core Bitcoin exchange and a top spot for buying and selling bitcoins. It comes with a user-friendly interface that not only makes it easier for users to navigate through the website but also helps to build the confidence of users.

To ensure the safety of funds on its platform, the exchange adopts the use of the Two-factor authentication technology. Recently, the exchange included the trading and exchange of Ether on its platform. The exchange supports the use of US Dollar as the only fiat currency that can be used to trade and make deposits on the exchange.

Gemini exchange has been described by people as the number one US Bitcoin buy and sell exchange. The trading and transaction fee of this exchange varies based on the trading volume. Most times takers and makers on the Gemini exchange platform could be charged about 0.25% on all trading. If trading volume is above 10,000 BTC’s or Ether, the trading fee may be reduced to 0.15%. This clearly means that the higher the trading volume, the lower the fee charged. Also, there is no charge attached to deposits and withdrawals made on the Gemini exchange.


1. Regulated exchange: Gemini is one of the very few exchanges that embraces compliance and regulation. Gemini is the first exchange in the US to have a license for the trading of Bitcoin and Ether. Gemini aligns itself with traditional financial institutions, this alignment gives it more credibility and legitimacy over other exchanges in the US.

2. Interface: the Gemini is designed to ensure that first time Bitcoin buyers can easily understand and immediately begin placing orders. Although it was designed for first timers, the Gemini exchange has sophisticated and advanced features for crypto professionals too. Best way to buy bitcoin for beginners and professionals alike

3. In-built wallets: all user accounts on the Gemini exchange comes with a wallet which is completely different from the external wallets.


How to Get Started Buying Bitcoin and Crypto at Gemini

Setting up a Gemini account is easy. All you have to do is just log on to the website and click on “Set up a Personal Account”. You will be required to input your username, email and a password of your choice. To successfully verify your Gemini exchange account, you must;

• Link your personal number to your Gemini account. This is important because it will make receiving activation codes easy.

• Link your personal bank account to your Gemini account. This makes the withdrawal and deposit of funds very easy.

Pros and Cons of Gemini Exchange For Buying and Selling Bitcoin

• It is a secure crypto exchange
• Moderate transaction and trading fee
• No withdrawal and deposit fee
• Comes with a user-friendly interface

One of the Best Ways to Buy Bitcoins for Beginners

• Supports a limited number of digital tokens
• Good for users in the US Only

Gemini Trading and Fees


CoinBase Crypto Exchange

What is it?

Worlds Leading Best Way to Buy and Sell Bitcoin

Launched by Fred Ersham and Brian Armstrong in 2012, Coinbase has grown to become the world’s leading Bitcoin exchange. CoinBase is a virtual crypto exchange that allows its users to buy, sell and transfer world leading digital tokens like BTC, Ether, LTC and a host of others. CoinBase does not only trade cryptocurrencies, it offers users wallets. Most people have described the exchange as a one-stop-platform for all players in the crypto market.

CoinBase is available for people in over thirty-two (32) countries including the United States. The exchange also provides its users with multiple payment methods. It supports the use of credit cards, bank transfers and wires as a means of deposit on the exchange.

The CoinBase exchange puts restrictions on all user accounts on the platform. This transfer limit according to the exchange is calculated based on the information found in your account. These information includes; verification, and also previous transactions amounts.

For users who want to increase their account transfer and withdrawal limit, they will have to upload a recent photo ID. Also, users who want to make fund deposits via credit cards will also have to upload a photo ID.

To ensure the safety of all tokens on the exchange, the CoinBase platform adopts latest and advanced technologies that will secure the network.

Features of CoinBase Crypto Exchange Best Platform for Buying Bitcoin

Some of the features include:

1. Mobile application:

CoinBase provides its thousands of users with mobile application. This application will afford them the opportunity to carry out trading and various transactions from anywhere. The use of mobile application means that they can regularly check their balance on the CoinBase exchange.

2. Multiple payment methods:

While most crypto exchanges offer just one payment method, the CoinBase platform offers users four payment methods. This means that users have the freedom to choose the most convenient payment method. Along with the payment methods, the CoinBase exchange offers its users multiple withdrawal methods. They can either choose to withdraw through PayPal or fiat currency.

3. Easy to use:

The CoinBase website, as well as its mobile application, is easy to use. The website was designed for first time crypto traders, so it was designed to make it easy for them to understand and immediately begin trading.


How to Buy Cryptocurrency at CoinBase

Setting up an account on the CoinBase exchange is easy. Once you are logged in to the website, you will be required to input your name, username, email and a password. You may also be asked to upload a scanned copy of your ID.

Once you are logged in, a confirmation link will be sent to your email. If confirmed, you can immediately make a deposit and begin trading.

Pros and Cons of CoinBase Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Trading


• Offers immediate token buy feature
• Easy for first timers
• Multiple cryptocurrencies

• It monitors all accounts on its platform.
• Poor customer service

Coinbase pricing and Fees


BitStamp Best Place in the World To Buy/Sell Bitcoin


What is it?

Launched in 2011, BitStamp has cemented its place as one of the best cryptocurrency exchanges in the world for buying bitcoin. BitStamp offers its thousands of users easy to use features and also a reliable crypto exchange.

To ensure the security of accounts on its platform, BitStamp became the first crypto exchange to adopt security features like the Multiple-Signature feature. It offers users on the platform a hot wallet and almost 98% of BTC tokens of customers are stored in an offline secure vault. Also, it adopts the two-factor authentication system. Email confirmation is adopted for enhanced and advanced security.

The BitStamp crypto exchange allows users on the platform to make instant orders. With the Tradeview platform of the BitStamp, users can carry out 24 hours Bitcoin trading. One interesting fact about the BitStamp exchange is that it is available for both IOS and Andriod operating systems.

Like most crypto exchanges, the trading fee of BitStamp reduces as the trading volume increases. All trades that are less than $100,000 are charged at 0.24%, while all transactions above $1 million is charged at 0.14%.


Why is it a Best Way to Buy Bitcoin at BitStamp?


1. It is secure:

Since BitStamp holds 98% of all tokens on its platform in an offline vault, security is assured. Also, the platform adopts latest technologies that ensure that all accounts on its platform are secure. Technologies like the Mulitple Signature and the two-factor authentication system ensures the security of the network.

2. Mobile application:

The BitStamp exchange makes provision for a mobile application that users can use not only to trade but also to often check their balance. This mobile application is compatible with all Android and IOS devices. In addition to this, the BitStamp website can be accessed through various web browsers.

3. Support for API:

The BitStamp exchange supports the use of programming interface application which was designed to allow all users to have total control and access to their account with the assistance of specially customized software.

4. Instant crypto trading:

The BitStamp exchange offers its users instant trading, deposits, and withdrawals of their funds.


How to Get Started Buying Cryptocurrency at BitStamp

Creating an account on the BitStamp exchange is easy for buying bitcoin. Log on to the website, click on “Create Account”. You will be required to fill in your name, a working email address and a password. Once these blanks are filled, you would be logged in. A confirmation link will be sent to your email address. Via the link, you will have to confirm your account. Once it is done you can immediately start trading on the BitStamp exchange.

Pros and Cons of the BitStamp Crypto Exchange for Buying/Selling Crypto


• It offers instant deposits and withdrawals
• It is a secure crypto exchange
• It offers users moderate trading fees


• Poor customer support

Bitstamp Trading and Fees


How to Buy and Sell Bitcoin CryptoCurrency Tips

These following tips will help you when trading on crypto exchanges.

• Have a clear reason for deciding to trade. Most times, profits are not made on trading, it is important that you carefully study the crypto market in order not to lose your coins. Watch your trading costs. Small trades profits are eaten up by the cost to trade so do the math first.

• Do not store your tokens in an exchange. The number of hacks on crypto exchanges is why you must immediately transfer your funds to a safe wallet with your personal wallet address. Get a good bitcoin wallet.

• Endeavor to trade top coins like BTC, Ether, and LTC because the risk of entirely losing them to price volatility is low.

• Do not trade with pressure. It is advised that you trade only when there is a good reason and the condition is safe. Also again do the math, there is a certain level of trade that will make sense. Small trades get the profit eaten up.

Never invest a large number of your coins in a non-liquid market. Keep the majority of your funds in the big name cryptos and only use a small portion to speculate in new coins.

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