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Best ASIC Miner

The Best ASIC Miner Bitcoin Mining Rigs. Lets look at what rigs we can use for bitcoin mining and what a mining rig actually is so we know what we are talking about exactly. Then we will look at The Best Bitcoin Mining Rigs for Mining Bitcoins. We will also look at What Bitcoin Mining Rig Hardware to Buy and Why. Find the Best ASIC Miner Hardware for Bitcoin CryptoCurrency rigs below.


Bitcoin Mining Rigs: What are Bitcoin Mining Rigs

Bitcoin Mining Rig: What Are Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency Mining Rigs and The Best kinds of Bitcoin Rigs to Buy for Bitcoin and Crypto Mining. We Have all the Information


What is a Mining Rig?

A mining rig is what you need to mine bitcoins with. It is just a term used for the entire setup needed to bitcoin mine and to do Cryptocurrency Mining. There are a few main components to the rig and several things to consider before setting up your bitcoin mining rig.


Bitcoin Mining Rig

What Bitcoin Mining Rig Hardware to Buy and Why

You have read every theory there is to read about bitcoin and bitcoin mining and have come to a conclusion that you want to join the community of bitcoin miners. Before you decide to go into bitcoin mining, there are a few things you may want to take into consideration. First is the type of hardware mining rig to use and secondly is to know what the hardware mining rig offers, in terms of power consumption, hash rate, efficiency, and cost.

Power Consumption:

A bitcoin mining rig uses a lot of electricity, and that means more bills, so it is important that you check the hardware’s power rating, so you are able to know just how much extra you would be paying for electricity bills.

Hash Rate:

Your hardware is constantly solving mathematical calculations every second, so, hash rate basically means number of calculations per second, and its measured in mega-hashes per second (MH/sec), giga-hashes per second (GH/sec), tera-hashes per second (TH/sec)
Basically, the bigger the hardware, the higher the hash rate and the more power consumed.

Best Bitcoin mining rigs are divided into three main categories:

GPUs (Graphical Processing Unit)

FPGAs (Field Programmable Gate Array)

ASICs (Application Specific Integrated Circuits)

The best category of bitcoin mining hardware to buy is the Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC). The ASIC is just perfect for the job; it mines at great speed and consumes less power than GPU or FPGA miners.


Why Choose The Best ASIC Miners?

ASIC mining hardware is expensive compared to GPUs and FPGAs, and that is because ASICs do a much better job than the others. ASICs use much less electricity, and they also solve bitcoin mining blocks faster than the other categories of mining hardware.

With every rise in the price of bitcoin, there is a rise in the value of ASICs. With the rising demand for bitcoin, ASICs keep improving to keep up with the requirements of mining bitcoin efficiently, and quickly. Bitcoin and CryptoCurrency Mining can become like a gambling addiction and you can fixated on it, especially when you start to earn coins and make money when your bitcoin gambling investment pays off.


Best ASIC Miner Hardware Miners List

Here is a list of the best ASIC miners and their features that will give optimum performance:


Antminer S9: Best Bitcoin Mining Rig

Antminer S9: Best ASIC Miner Bitcoin Mining Rig

Power Rating – 1,375 Watts

Hash Rate – 13.5 TH/sec

Daily Profit – 0.00179041 BTC



Best Asic Bitcoin Mining Rig WhatsMiner M3 11.5T

WhatsMiner M3 Best ASIC Miner Bitcoin Mining Rig

Power Rating – 2,000 Watts

Hash Rate – 12.5 TH/sec

Daily Profit – 0.00162765 BTC



Avalon Miner821 Best ASIC Miner Bitcoin Mining Rig

AvalonMiner 821 Top ASIC Miner Bitcoin Mining Rig

Power Rating – 1,200 Watts

Hash Rate – 11 TH/sec

Daily Profit – 0.00143233 BTC




Avalon Miner 741 Best ASIC Miner Bitcoin Mining Rig

AvalonMiner 741 Best ASIC Miner Bitcoin Mining Rig

Power Rating – 1,253 Watts

Hash Rate – 7.3.TH/sec

Daily Profit – 0.00114587 BTC


New AvalonMiner 761 Coming Out
Power Rating – 1,320 Watts
Hash Rate – 8.8 TH/sec
Daily Profit – 0.00114587 BTC


Antminer S7: Best asic miner Bitcoin Mining Rig

Antminer S7: Best ASIC Miner Bitcoin Mining Rig

Power Rating – 1,293 Watts

Hash Rate – 4.73 TH/sec

Daily Profit – 0.00061590 BTC


NOTE: Daily Profit is estimations only, you must do your own calculations to end up with your daily profit rate. This is only a guide and not investment advice or what to expect. Your results may vary depending on your setup, and your software and electricity rates and the current rate of mining difficulty etc. Mine at your own risk, we are not responsible for your profits or losses. But, if Bitcoin ever does hit a million dollars like some guru’s predict in 10 15 years or more once fully mined and then scarce, we will all be rich. But just don’t count on it for sure as life is a gamble.


Why Invest in a Top ASIC Miner?

You are investing in bitcoin mining and ASCI miners because you hope to get a return on investment, hence, it is important to also check a mining profitability calculator before purchasing the bitcoin miner. The profitability calculator calculates your ROI based on hash rate, current bitcoin price, power consumption, and equipment price. We all would like to have free bitcoin cryptocurrency but the fact is we have to mine it or invest in cryptocurrency.

Some other miners include Antminer U3, ASICMner BE Prisma, BTC Garden AM-V1, BFL Single ‘SC’, Avalon 2 etc.

GPU bitcoin mining rig

Four graphic cards are connected to the motherboard via risers card Copyright:


The Best ASIC Miner vs GPU’s

These are the graphics cards in your standard home computers which can also be used to mine cryptocurrency. The problem is that they are slower and less effective than asic miners and as the various cryptocurrencies continue to get mined the difficulty rating increases to mine that particular crypto further. You really need to use GPUs early on the ground floor beginning of a cryptocurrency to really see the benefits. Its not to say it cannot be done later but the as the difficulty increases you will need to keep updating your cards to get the maximum mining benefit.

That’s the reason why graphics cards are increasing in price and becoming more scarce. People are continuing to upgrade their Graphics cards and adding additional cards to their existing computers to try and eek out more and more cryptocurrency as the mining difficulty increases.

The trick to using these is having multiple cards hooked up to a couple different motherboards. Just in case one motherboard goes down, you wont be out of business.

Best Places to Get your bitcoin mining rigs are at Amazon and you can also try Ebay for new and used selection of all the newest and used bitcoin mining rigs.


Bitcoin Mining Calculator

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