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Secure Your Crypto in 2020 with Ledger Safe Wallet Technology

Best Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet: Top #2 For Stealthy Protection

Ledger Nano X - The secure hardware wallet

Best Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet Review:

Welcome to the Cryptocurrency (Altcoins) best anonymous bitcoin wallet review and set up guide for securing your digital assets. Featuring the Top 5 Security Hardware Wallets today. We will guide you step by step how to set up hardware cold storage wallets. We go over the best wallets for anonymous cold storage here, including the top 5 cold storage wallet brands and our top 2 picks for best hardware wallet anonymous safe keeping, features, coin selection, and most importantly ease of use.


How to set up hardware wallet cold storage

How to set up hardware wallet cold storage for your bitcoin and other altcoin cryptocurrencies Copyright:

Hardware wallets have been referred to as the safest wallets to store crypto tokens. The adoption of the two-factor authentication technology ensures that before gaining access you have to be identified by something you have and something you know. Most hardware wallets store crypto tokens offline making it impossible for hackers to hack.

After you have purchased your pick of best anonymous bitcoin wallet either from a retailer, an exchange or from the official website, you need to set it up before you can begin using it. This article will present a comprehensive list of the various hardware wallets that you can choose from. They include:


New Nano S and X Bitcoin Top Cold Storage Anonymous Wallet

The Ledger Nano S and X is a leading secure, anonymous, hardware wallet that stores Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins. Nano S supports the storing of cryptographic assets and also the security of all digital payments made. It can be connected to any computer and it comes with an OLED display that helps to double check and confirm each transaction. It also comes with a side button that is used to confirm if a transaction has been processed.


Get the Ledger Nano S Now 


Ledger Nano Hardware Cold Storage Wallet Features

1. Nano S supports multi-currency. Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins are supported on this wallet. Also, multiple crypto assets can be held in the same hardware wallet.
2. It comes with a functional side button that is used to confirm if transactions have been successfully processed.
3. Relevant data on the wallets are kept safe in an isolated environment that is locked by a PIN code.
4. The Nano S hardware wallet is a multi-app wallet. This means that you can install multiple cryptocurrencies applications on it.
5. The Nano S is sold for almost $100 making it one of the most affordable hardware wallets out there.
6. Unlike most other wallets, the Nano S comes with a double screen.

How to Set Up the Nano S Hardware Storage Wallet

Before you can set up your Nano S, you will need a connected computer and your Nano S USB cable.


• First, you have to connect the Nano S to a computer through the USB cable or plug to a wall socket.
• Press “Power” button as instructed on the manual
• After it comes on, you will have to choose from two options; “Configure new device” or ” Restore Configuration”.


• If you desire to configure a new device, you will have to click on the right upper button
• You will have to pick four digits
• A randomly generated 24-word seed will be shown to you. You have to carefully write them down.


• You have to install the application on your computer
• You have to open the wallet’s dedicated companion to help you unlock and also make your wallet application functional.
• The Nano S hardware wallet is a multi-app meaning that you can install multiple applications like Bitcoin, Ripples etc. Also, the Nano S comes with three already installed applications; Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum.


The Nano S hardware wallet is user-friendly. Meaning that you can navigate through easily.
It is a top brand safe anonymous, stealthy bitcoin wallet.
It comes with three already installed applications.
It supports multiple cryptocurrencies.
It is a less expensive wallet compared to others
It was designed by a team of dedicated, reliable and innovative individuals.


It is not as well known yet as the other top hardware wallets and yet to build reputation but recommended number 1 Top Choice in new best hardware wallets for cold storage. Get one before they run out.

BitBetBuddy’s Top Pick

Get the Ledger Nano S  and/or X Now

Why? Because its the best anonymous bitcoin wallet and the one we use.



Bitlox Top Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet

Bitlox Security Wallet for your coins.

BitLox: Another Stealthy Top Anonymous Bitcoin/Altcoin Wallet

BitLox was designed primarily to provide better security than what is obtainable in the world. It is a Hong-Kong wallet that was developed and registered in January 2015. It comes with security features that are top notch. The hardware wallet was designed in three models: The BitLox Extreme, BitLox Advanced, and the BitLox Ultimate.

This hardware wallet supports the storing of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Altcoins. BitLox is a small credit card sized wallet. It comes with a Bluetooth feature for power usage and also has a high capacity battery life.

Features of the BitLox Best Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet

1. It is 4.8 millimeters thin and it weighs about 12 grams.
2. The transaction fee of this wallet is displayed externally. This means that there are no hidden charges.
3. Like other wallets, it supports the recovery of lost tokens by using randomly generated 12, 18 and 24-word seeds.
4. It comes with an indestructible weatherproof and also a shockproof metal case.
5. It comes with Bluetooth.

How to set up the BitLox Hardware Wallet

• You have to connect or plug the USB into your PC
• You have to select a device PIN. It gives you three modes to choose from: expert mode, standard mode, and advanced mode.
• After picking any mode, you have to enter your wallet PIN
• Since it comes with a Bluetooth, you can decide either to connect through the USB cable or Bluetooth.
• A quick response (QR) code will appear. This code will generate a wallet address.


BitLox is a top secure, reliable and private hardware bitcoin and alt coin wallet
It comes with an indestructible shockproof and weatherproof metal case
There are no hidden charges on all transactions carried out on the wallet
With the assistance of multiple PINs, users of this wallet are authenticated and verified before transactions are carried out


It is expensive
Non-reliable customer support
It does not come with a user-friendly interface making it difficult for first timers to use.

BitBetBuddy’s 2nd Top Pick

Get The Bitlox Hardware Wallet Now


KeepKey Private Cold Storage Bitcoin Wallet KeepKey Hardware Wallet

Keepkey is not as popular as the other anonymous top quality wallets mentioned above, it is still one of the best if you seek to store your coins offline. This wallet is regarded as the best wallet to store your crypto assets because it is offline and this makes it impossible for hackers to hack.

It was launched in 2015, but it has developed and adopted several technologies that make it secure for storing cryptocurrencies. Not only is it a cold storage wallet, it enables the transactions of multiple cryptocurrencies including; Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and others.

Features of the KeepKey Hardware Security Wallet

1. Keepkey is a hierarchical deterministic hardware wallet. This means that it is seen as a smaller version of the computer that was designed primarily for cold storage of crypto tokens
2. Keepkey is an open source hardware wallet. This definitely means that anyone who wishes, can view the code and also add new features to it.
3. Keepkey supports the exchange of cryptocurrencies with the assistance of a technology called “Shapeshift”.
4. Keepkey can be used on Android, Mac, Linux OS and on your personal computer as well.
5. The physical wallet is used to authenticate and confirm all transactions carried out on the wallet.
6. Keepkey is not a web wallet.
7. The KeepKey hardware wallet is currently sold for $129. This is referred to as the most expensive hardware wallet.

How to set up the KeepKey Hardware Wallet

The KeepKey hardware wallet comes with Chrome plug-in that can be used for set up.

• First, you have to download the client software from your Google chrome playstore. or other website as per current model keep key instructions
• The software comes with necessary basic information on how you can transfer and store crypto tokens.


It not only stores cryptocurrencies it can transfer and exchange them.
It is a more secure anonymous hardware wallet
Comes with an easy to use interface
Supports the storing of world-leading cryptocurrencies
It looks attractive and was professionally designed.


Its lack of a web wallet means that users will have to add software like MultiBit or Electrum to make use of its various applications
It does not allow its users to save the progress of their set up
It is more expensive than other hardware wallets.

Check Price Of KeepKey



Trezor Best Cold Storage Wallet

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Trezor Hardware Cold Storage Wallet

This is not just the most reputable wallet, it is one of the best in the world. It was created by Satoshi Labs and is the first cryptocurrency hardware wallet that was used to store Bitcoin.

It can be used offline and online.

Trezor comes with a nice design, a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for you to navigate through.

It supports the use of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Zcash.


Features of the Trezor Hardware Wallet

1. Portability: the Trezor hardware was designed to be carried about. It is mobile, handy and lightweight.
2. The Trezor hardware wallets support about 10 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Zcash, Dash and a host of others.
3. It comes with a tiny display button that allows you to double check and confirm if all transactions have been processed.
4. It is secured by the two-factor authentication technology. This technology ensures that all information regarding users are safe and cannot be seen by others
5. The Trezor hardware wallet is sold for about $110 and much higher on Amazon due to scarcity at times.


Lets look at How to Set up the Trezor Hardware Wallet Now

• You can use your Chrome browser to set up this wallet.
• Plug the Trezor wallet to either a computer or a wall socket.
• Turn it on. When it comes on, you have to choose between configuring a new device or restore the configuration of an old device.
• You have to select a 4 digit PIN code.
• A randomly generated twenty-four-word seed will be displayed. You have to carefully write it down. (This will help you restore your tokens in the event of loss or damage of wallet)
• Install the application on your computer with any browser of your choice
• You have to install cryptocurrency applications on it to begin use.


It comes with a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for first-timers to understand and use.
It comes with an OLED display that allows you double-check transactions carried out.
It is one of the safest hardware wallets in the world.
It is portable, handy and mobile.


It is expensive
It supports only ten cryptocurrencies



CoolWallet S Hardware Anonymous Cold StorageCoolWallet S Hardware Wallet

Although not popular, this security wallet is one of the best to choose when you want to safely store your crypto tokens. It has been referred to as the first wireless hardware wallet and it also supports cold storage. This wallet keeps tokens offline making it impossible for hackers to hack. It was developed by a Taiwan-based company named CoolBITX Technology. Unlike most wallets, it is a wireless wallet. If your looking for a bluetooth wallet then this ones for you. Or if all the others above are sold out then you may want to consider this one as a strong wallet contender. (Yes they all do sell out sometimes.)

Worldwide demand is up for hardware cold storage in all the wallets mentioned above. (As it should be)

Features of the CoolWallet S Best Hardware Wallet

1. It supports the storing of tokens offline making it impossible for hackers to hack
2. It is portable. The CoolWallet S is sized like your credit card, meaning that you can carry it about easily.
3. It comes with a display screen that displays certain numbers
4. It comes with control buttons that you can use to navigate through the wallet
5. It supports the storing of cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ripple, and others.
6. The CoolWallet S is heat resistant and also waterproof.
7. It can be connected wirelessly to the computer.
8. It is secured by the Two-factor authentication technology that ensures that it is secure.
9. The CoolWallet S hardware is sold for $120. Making it one of the most expensive hardware wallets right now.

How to set up the CoolWallet S Anonymous Hardware Wallet

• You have to first turn on your Bluetooth
• Install the CoolWallet application to begin
• Your wallet serial number will be displayed after the app is installed. Click on “Connect”.
• Input and confirm your password. Then tap the button that reads; Pair with other new devices.
• To receive payment, tap and add “Create new address”.
• To send payment you have to scan quick response (QR) code or paste the Bitcoin address from your wallet clipboard.


It is one of the most secure and safest hardware wallets currently available
It stores crypto tokens offline making it impossible for hackers to hack.
The wallet is waterproof
It comes with a user-friendly interface. This ensures that first-timers will find it easy to navigate through
It can be connected through Bluetooth making its use easy.
The CoolWallet S is portable, meaning that it can be carried about freely.


It supports a limited number of cryptocurrencies
It is expensive compared to other hardware wallets.


Best Anonymous Bitcoin Wallet Conclusion 

Which one to pick? We Recommend:

The Latest Ledger Model   or    The Latest Bitlox Model

These hardware wallets mentioned are the best you can choose from. We recommend you get the Ledger Nano X and S security wallet while its still inexpensive and has free shipping and before they sell out. Also the Bitlox, these are the 1-2 best combination I would buy right now for their anonymous wallet features and ease of use for all alt coins.

However, these are all secure hardware cold storage wallets for anonymous safe keeping, and most but not all of them are easy to use. You cant go wrong buying any one of these 2 top choices. The point is you need one and should get one right away to protect your coins. It just happens that the Ledger Nano often sells out fast after each production run and sometimes offers free shipping currently making these top choices to grab fast before they sell out if looking at one of these. You could check in on keep keys price, if it goes on sale cheap then you may consider it.

best anonymous bitcoin wallet

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