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Bitcoin today has proved itself to be one of the most exciting investment vehicles of our lifetime.


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Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin, has increased by over 6,000% in value since 2009. As a result, the past 12-months have seen more digital currency traders and investors appear on the cryptocurrency market than at any point previously. – The only question is, do you know how to trade and invest like a Pro?

Helping You Understand Modern Blockchain Technology

At Bit Bet Buddy, we’re here to help new and veteran cryptocurrency traders, access the most up to date Bitcoin news, cryptocurrency price charts, and cryptocurrency mining and bitcoin wallet storage device reviews.

Mining Hardware & Cryptocurrency Wallet Reviews

Interested in earning or investing in cryptocurrency but don’t know where to start?

Bitcoin today is topping $7,000 in value when this site was introduced. Many new to market entrepreneurs are subsequently jumping feet first into mining and trading. (Often without being as informed as they should be.) Thankfully, at Bit Bet Buddy, we’re looking to change all this.


Understand Your Mining & Cryptocurrency Storage Options

To provide you with the best chance of profiting from the Bitcoin boom, we review all the latest cryptocurrency web wallets and cold storage wallets coming to market. At the same time, we break down which new Bitcoin mining rigs offer the best performance in terms of real-world ROI. Cloud mining for Crypto is another popular option we explore for you as well.


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2018’s Top Bitcoin Price Graphs & Trading Tips

Every day, cryptocurrency traders make thousands of dollars buying and selling altcoins at precisely the right moment. At Bit Bet Buddy we, therefore, provide site visitors with the most up-to-date cryptocurrency price data. Traders can subsequently use our daily price graphs and currency converter tools, to make the safest possible trades and investment decisions.


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Everything You Need to Learn to Trade Successfully

With blockchain technology and cryptocurrency going mainstream, there is fantastic potential for investors to make substantial profits in 2018.

At Bit Bet Buddy, we know this. This is why as well as being your one-stop shop for new cryptocurrency market insights, we will also soon be providing 3rd party top cryptocurrency courses and online learning materials to go along with the selection of  material here such as books, e books and training to get you started.

Are You Ready to Become part of the Bitcoin Revolution?

2018 may represent the last opportunity for low market entry point investors to buy into the cryptocurrency market. This being the case, let us help you make the kind of informed investment decisions you need to profit while there is still time.


BitBetBuddy A Guide for all Coin Users

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We are the best option for all a clients needs, whether it be news, ICO listings and advertising, Mining, Guides and Tips for The Best hardware, software, wallets, cold wallet storage solutions, block-chain info, and daily price graphs, charts, and converter tools. We have it all. (Also Courses Coming Soon) to round off every thing a miner or investor might need information on. Visit one of our popular pages, or categories today and start learning and earning today.

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